Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search profiles without registration?

No, there is no search profile option without registration and after registration you can do refine search within your partner match listed profiles.

How to register a profile in Muslim Matrimony service?

Registration on is a very simple procedure. All you need to fill the required information in the Profile Registration Form as accurately and as correctly as possible, Your profile get verify for Email and Mobile number, select any payment package as per your need, after a successful payment you will get your login id and password, login for best matches.

Do I need to provide some id proof?

Yes, during registration each member should provide/upload copy of his/her government provided ID proof.

Can a member register a matrimonial profile on behalf of my brother / sister or a relative / friend?

Yes, a member can register a matrimonial profile/ad on behalf of his/her daughter / son / brother / sister, a relative or a friend, if you have authority to find a suitable life partner for them.

What are the languages provide its matrimony service?

At present we provide our services in English and soon will provide matrimony services in Arabic and Urdu languages. also planned to expand its services in many other languages to reach the far-most Muslim Ummah around the world.

How long does it take to register and create a marriage profile on

On registration and profile creation can be done in just 10 minutes. In three easy steps.

  1. Register with
  2. “Verify Your Email & Mobile Number” and Make a “Payment” by selecting any package.
  3. Login with to see your marriage profile.
Is it necessary to fill the registration form completely?

It is very essential that we provide as much information about ourselves for other members to know and try to get as much information about the future partner, all the items in the form should be filled up in clear and without mistake. Filling it up entirely is in our interests as it helps us in choosing a suitable life partner. Remember a well-detailed profile gets more response.

Is my information will be screen?

Yes, some of the information such as your personal biodata document/id proof/photos/your type text during registration will be screened for any unacceptable words/sentence as per law. Only upon approval from our admin will be allowed to get display under your profile.

What are the benefits of registering my profile on

You get many benefits on and by joining on you are at the first step to find your life partner.

  • Add up to 3 photos to your photo Album, which would be attached to your personalized profile.
  • You can create your profile with details as to what sort of partner you are looking for.
  • You can have filter conditions, to protect you from those members, who do not meet your basic criteria.

Is there any payment system to register my profile on

Yes, there is payment to register your profile on Click here to Register your profile on

What is the necessity and importance of a Profile ID?

Every member on becoming a member of is given a Profile ID. The Profile ID appears at the top of every profile. Profile ID is an identification number specially allotted to you to identify your profile on

An error message is displayed that my e-mail address is already registered with, what does it mean?

If your email address is already registered with then you would have created a Profile already with and you have your profile ID.

I have already created a profile, Can I use the same email address for creating another profile?

Every profile posted on is associated with only one individual e-mail address. All the emails addresses associated with a particular Profile IDs and are unique. We suggest you to use other email address, to create another profile.

Are there any DOs and DON'Ts while creating a matrimonial profile on

Please ensure that the Expected Partner preference details also filled with complete details. More the information you furnish, better the chances of getting a suitable partner. Moreover, the information entered by you in your preference is used by our automatically find matches that suit your preferences.

What is a partner profile/preference?

The partner profile indicates your preferences and the qualities that you would expect from a partner. Members who view your profile / preferences would Initiate Contact and initiate contact with you, if they feel that their profile matches with your expected partner preferences.

How to fill a partner preference?

Partner preference details can be entered while creating your profile. If you are existing member of, and has not entered your partner preference details, then you can do so, by login to, using your Login ID / email address and password. If you have been presented with your own profile, then you can able to check your details and reconfirm your details and enter partner preferences.

Select whatever you are interested in, your selection will be used for matching, so select only if you are interested.

If not sure or not interested leave this field without select, make sure if none selected it will be consider as interested in any type.

Note: Please Provide accurate information, it will be used to find best matching profile.

What is Preference Details?

You can provide any extra details of your partner preference such as – I am looking for kindhearted, religious, hardworking, caring, slim, smart partner etc.

Why should I provide Email id?

Please provide valid Email id, you will get a verification link on your provided Email after submitting your form.

Note: It is very important to provide valid Email id to make your profile successfully register with Muslim Matrimony.

Why should I provide Mobile Number?

Please provide a valid and active Mobile Number as per International.

Example - Country Code: Saudi Arabia +966 then Mobile No: 563XXXXXX, avoid “0” before entering your Mobile Number.

You will get a verification code on your provided Mobile Number after clicking on the verification link which is sent to your provided Email id.

Note: It is very important to provide valid and active Mobile Number to make your profile successfully register with Muslim Matrimony.

What is Country Code?

It is a Country Code of your providing Mobile Number, i.e. The Mobile Number of which country you are using, providing.

Example: If you are using Australia Mobile Number then select the Country Code: Australia +43

Note: Please select correct Country Code of your providing Mobile Number.

What is the necessity of Profile Photo?

We suggest to you upload a real facial photo (passport size photo), it will be checked before displaying in your profile and your profile get good value & best matches.

Note: After accepting request by you then only your profile photo will be shown to others.

How to avoid misuse of Biodata?

Please remove your Mobile Number and Email from your Biodata before uploading.

Note: If you upload Biodata with your contact details then your match profiles can directly contact you, after only a biodata request approval.

I have added my profile, but it was rejected - why?

Being as an Islamic matrimony website, has strict guidelines for appropriate Content. Our Profile Approval Policy is designed to regulate the content of profiles to ensure a quality global environment of appropriate content, language and intent for the safety and security of all members.

Profiles will not be approved if they contain:

  • Inappropriate language in your Username
  • Sexually explicit language or sexual references/innuendo
  • Profiles entered for finding friendship / pen pal / dating.
  • Comments against Islamic rules and regulations
  • Defamatory, abusive, aggressive or violent content
  • Offensive or obscene language (including swear words)
  • Sexually suggestive or nudity in the photo
  • nfringes or violates intellectual property rights - such as a photo of a celebrity
  • Where the photo is a cartoon, illustration, animal, scenery or object of anything other than yourself
  • This photo needs to be a picture of aged 18+, we cannot approve photos of minors
  • Insufficient or illegible content
  • Where the profile language is not completed in the language selected on the profile creation page

I have corrected my profile, can I resubmit again with proper details?

Yes, you can login to using your login Id and password to edit your profile data and resubmit for Admin approval.

Which profiles can I view?

We avoid displaying all profiles. To provide success in finding your life partner as per your preference, Our system will list Only both sides matched profiles under your login and you can view/contact only these listed profiles. So we request you to provide correct information about yourself and your partner preferences while registration.

To whom my profile is shown?

Only both sides match profiles get listed under user login, there is no free search for profiles. Your profile will be listed only under matched profile.

Is my contact information safe?

Yes, your contact information is safe, after you get register we provide you approval/rejection option for contact/photos and some other information. As per your wish you can approve/reject request for these information for selective/interested match profiles.

Is there any limit on contacts?

No, there is no limit, all members are paid member are granted same options.

What happen when my membership expires?

You will have grace period of 7 days to renew your membership, upon completion of grace period Your account will be under deactivate state until get renew by you.

The information I am looking for is not available, what should I do? Support Team to provide all of frequently asked questions, please browse suitable section to find your answer. If still you do not find the information you are looking for. Then please send your query to our Support Team who will respond to your query within 24 hours.

Can I share my profile from to others (outside)?

Along with finding matched profiles, safely you can go beyond by using this excellent facility “Share safe” * Share safe (If you want, you can share your profile as a link to others on WhatsApp or e-mail, with time limit. “No attachments / no upload / no download”).

What is 'Free registration for profile 'Share safe'?

Under free registration you can enjoy the profile 'Share safe' option absolutely free.

Also your profile will get matched with matching profiles.
Paid members (matched) can contact you (if you approve).
You cannot see your matched profiles details (this option only available for paid members).
Free registration is specially for who cannot afford to pay, So we recommend if you can afford to pay membership, be a paid member.
Note: All profiles 'paid or free' are follow with same registration process and verification.