Privacy Policy is an online matrimony service which gives its users an opportunity to connect & interact with other registered members only subject to Terms of Usage. To make it work, provide its members with various search options in order to search suitable match/partner.
Use of the matrimony site and/or its service is governed by our privacy policy and follow simple guidelines to protect your privacy.

Use of information/data collected
  1. When you use our Website, we collect and store your personal information which is provided by you. Information collected is mainly used to deliver service to you. Manage your account information, our primary goal in doing so is to provide you a safe, efficient, smooth and customized experience. This allows us to provide services and features that most likely meet your needs, and to customize our Website to make your experience safer and easier. More importantly, while doing so we collect personal information from you that we consider necessary for achieving this purpose.

  2. Information is also used for research and analysis of users experience with us to improve our services. Develop and display contents, features and advertising tailored to your needs. It helps us in managing our business.

  3. may use financial information or payment method to process payment for any membership/package purchases made on our website, enroll you in the discount, rebate, and other programs in which you elect to participate, to protect against or identify possible fraudulent transactions, and otherwise as needed to manage our business. Information is also used to invite you on various surveys from, its affiliates or partners.

How do we protect your information: take appropriate security measures (including physical, electronic and procedural measures) to help safeguard your personal information from any unauthorized access. want you to feel confident using our website transact with us. However, no system can be completely secure. Although take steps to secure your information, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal information, searches, or other communications will always remain secure. Users should also take care with how they handle and disclose their personal information and should avoid sending personal information through insecure email.