How Reseller (You) work with us and get your profit inform our cash customer to get membership/voucher from nearest reseller (you). cash customer visit nearest reseller, pay the cash (actual price) for selected membership/voucher,
Reseller collect cash and purchase (reseller price) online membership/voucher for customer.

What Reseller Get?

For every sale, reseller get immediate 10% to 20% profit
example: membership of 500 INR, Reseller will get that for 400 INR.

Who can be Reseller?

Reseller can be small business owner or individual person with proper address/availability. Reseller should have debit/credit card and internet to purchase online.

Any cost on Reseller?

No cost, no advance purchase, no loss on reseller.

How many reseller for inviting reseller from all locations. (Single reseller for every 3 to 5 KM area).

What membership provide to customer. have duration base membership (3, 6, 9 and 12 months).

Does customer membership cost get change?

Yes depending on demand/need/offers we may change membership cost, but this will not affect reseller, reseller get similar percentage on each sale.

How reseller will get cash customer.

Sooner you get register, soon we can inform our customers and we display your address/contact on website for pay by cash customer. also suggest cash customer with nearest reseller to visit

What all benefits will reseller get?
  1. There is no cost on reseller (registration also free), no stock and no advance purchase.
  2. For every sale, reseller get between 10% to 20% profit.
  3. Reseller own business/address get advertise on website.
  4. For every new service add, reseller get more sales and more profit.

If you have any other queries, please contact us +91 8686151489