Terms & Conditions


  1. Conditions of Use

    Welcome to MeeM.one. MeeM.one provide services to you subject to the following conditions. If you visit or sign up at MeeM.one, you accept these conditions. Please read them carefully. In addition, when you use or visit any current or future MeeM.one service or any business affiliated with MeeM.one, you will also be subject to the guidelines and conditions applicable to such service.

    MeeM.one provides matrimonial service for Muslims around the world through the Internet. In order to use MeeM.one matrimony service you must sign up as a member of MeeM.one (the “Member”) and agree to be bound by these Terms and conditions. If you wish to become a Member of the MeeM.one and communicate with other Members and make use of the MeeM.one service (the "Service"), please read the various services provided by MeeM.one before registering your profile as a Member or making any payment to become as Member.

    This Agreement sets out the legally binding terms and conditions of your use of the MeeM.one and your membership in the Service and may be modified by MeeM.one from time to time, such modifications to be effective upon posting by MeeM.one on the Website. The Users availing services from MeeM.one shall be deemed to have read, understood and expressly accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions hereof and this agreement shall govern the relationship between you and MeeM.one and all transactions or services by, with or in connection with MeeM.one for all purposes, and shall be unconditionally binding between the parties without any reservation. All rights, privileges, obligations and liabilities of you and/or MeeM.one with respect to any transactions or services by, with or in connection with MeeM.one for all purposes shall be governed by this agreement. The terms and conditions may be changed and/or altered by MeeM.one from time to time at its sole discretion.

  2. Membership:
    MeeM.one matrimonial service is not free, every member is a paid member. Your membership in the MeeM.one service is for your sole, personal use. You may not authorize others to use your membership and you may not assign or transfer your account to any other person or entity. Violation to this condition will lead to removal of your profile from MeeM.one without any notice.
    Membership is not automatic: MeeM.one gives great importance to your privacy and your preference. MeeM.one will not renew your membership automatically. If your Paid Membership is expired, your profile will be under grace period to be renewed by you are having the right to renew your membership again. Paid Memberships: Validity of your paid membership is based on months.
    Expiry of Membership - Once your Paid membership period with us expires, your profile will be under grace period for renewal.
    Privacy of Membership:Your Membership is only for personal use. It is not to be assigned, transferred to be used by any other person.
    Members are advised to make appropriate/through enquiries before acting upon any matrimonial advertisement. MeeM.one does not provide guarantee for or assurance of or subscribe to the claims and representations made by advertisers regarding particulars of status, age, income of other members.
    Membership cannot be cancelled in any circumstances.
  3. Criteria:
    MeeM.one shall act on the basis of the information that may be submitted by you (Member), believing the same to be true and accurate even if the information is provided during the registration by your family, friends, relatives on your behalf under your express consent. MeeM.one is under no obligation to verify the accuracy or genuineness of the information submitted by you. The minimum age for registering in MeeM.one matrimony service is as per law of native/residence country minimum allowed age.
  4. Term:
    This Agreement will remain in full force and effect while you use the Website and/or are a Member. Acceptance of your profile on MeeM.one is at sole discretion of MeeM.one and MeeM.one reserves its right to accept or remove your profile if found Defamatory, abusive, aggressive and inappropriate language.
    MeeM.one validate only the profile details of the member such as email, contact number and check for any violation in uploaded data,. Character or Personal verification has to be done by interested parties themselves.
    The minimum and maximum age limit for registering in MeeM.one is as per country's applicable law.
    You shall be solely and exclusively liable for any breach of any country specific rules and regulations and MeeM.one cannot be held responsible for the same.
    MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.
  5. Invitation:
    1. You hereby expressly solicit and accept MeeM.one and/or its authorized personnel to communicate to you through any telecom resources in the registered number provided by you to explain, explicate and clarify the various services provided by MeeM.one and to assist, aid or support you in availing the said services of MeeM.one.
    2. When you visit MeeM.one or send e-mails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices on this site. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.
  6. Your Account:
    If you use or register in this site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your computer, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. You also hereby expressly agree that the information provided by you is available to the other users of MeeM.one also and that MeeM.one neither has any control nor any responsibility or accountability if information is misused, exploited or abused by any third party. MeeM.one and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel subscription at their sole discretion.
    You cannot engage in advertising to, or solicitation of, other members to buy or sell any products or services through MeeM.one. You will not transmit any chain letters or junk email to other members. You understand and agree that MeeM.one cannot monitor the conduct of its members of MeeM.one Site, it is also a violation of these rules to use any information obtained from MeeM.one in order to harass, abuse, or harm another person, or in order to contact, advertise to, solicit, or sell to any member without the prior explicit consent of the member or MeeM.one.
  7. Online Conduct:
    You are responsible for the content and information [including profile and photograph] you post or transmit through MeeM.one's services. You will not post or transmit any content or information [in whatever form they may be contained] that is defamatory, blasphemous, abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, profane, intimidating, illegal or in violation of the rights of any person, including intellectual property rights. No content or information shall contain details or particulars of any of MeeM.one's competitors, including their contact details. You will not use your online membership as a platform for any kind of promotional campaign, solicitation, advertising or dealing in any products or services or transmit any chain letters or junk mails. if found member in violation, MeeM.one will terminate membership of those users.
    Extraneous contents: MeeM.one hereby alerts and warns its members of the possibility of unauthorized posting of contents by any person including members and unauthorized users and advises discretion in access since such content, information or representation may not be suitable to you including being offensive. MeeM.one will not in any way be responsible for such content, information or representations. MeeM.one is also not responsible for alterations, modifications, deletion, reproduction, sale, transmission or any such misuse of data and content in the public domain by any user.
    Your membership will automatically be suspended if you send "abusive, obscene or sexually oriented" message/s to other members.
    If any of the contents/profile posted on MeeM.one brings harm to anyone, MeeM.one reserves its right to remove the content/profile upon request of the complainant.
    MeeM.one has the right to suspend your profile without any prior notice. MeeM.one reserves the right to edit/delete your photo if it's not a valid/clear/related one.
    MeeM.one reserves the right to deny access to initiate contact with other members, if other members’ partner preferences don’t match with your profile.
    If we find duplicate profiles then we have rights to suspend any of the profile or all the profiles. Messages sent to members of the opposite gender should be only for the purpose of finding a life partner under marriage. You are not allowed to misuse the services of MeeM.one in the name of "Dating", "Flirting", "Friendship" etc.
    MeeM.one reserves the right to modify/restrict your profile data if any prohibitive or objectionable content is found, or in the case of your contact details being entered in irrelevant fields. MeeM.one may also modify the profile for other reasons not mentioned herewith. If any abusive content is found, MeeM.one has the right to suspend your profile. MeeM.one will not in any way be responsible or answerable to any action brought by any person arising out of your acts as described above. MeeM.one reserves the right but is not obligated, to edit, delete, eclipse or withhold display of such content or information as it deems fit in the light of the rules prescribed above. To enhance the security of its members, MeeM.one has restricted copying and saving images and content from portal. MeeM.one registered member can view only matched profiles and MeeM.one validate only the profile details of the member such as email, contact number and check for any violation in uploaded data, Character or Personal verification has to be done by interested parties themselves.
  8. Tenure:
    Tenure of the MeeM.one matrimonial service shall dependent upon the package offered by MeeM.one or for any tenure which may be introduced from time to time by MeeM.one and chosen by you after appropriate payment.
  9. Mode of Payment:
    1. Payment made by cash / cheque / Net Banking / Debit / Credit Card would be in accordance with the prevailing guidelines. Registration of MeeM.one service shall be subject to realization of the said payment.
    2. MeeM.one may use third party payment gateways for collection of credit/debit card or other payment instruments. In case of such payment gateway failure the same would be communicated to the MeeM.one member by the payment gateway provider. MeeM.one shall not be responsible for Extra currency/conversion charges/deductions/error issues from payment gateway. In the case of failed online transactions, which result in no services, MeeM.one offers no guarantees whatsoever for the accuracy or timeliness of the refunds reaching the Members card/bank accounts through the payment gateways.
  10. Confidentiality:
    MeeM.one will maintain confidentiality of all personal information [other than that meant for sharing with the prospect] furnished by MeeM.one members and shall take all possible and /or bonafide steps for maintaining the confidentiality. However, MeeM.one member may divulge such information if required by law (without prior intimation to you). You agree that MeeM.one has all the right to process your data through the automated process to serve you with suitable profiles (based on your set partner preference) from MeeM.one.
  11. Renewal:
    Before the expiry of the Tenure of the MeeM.one package, you have the option to renew the subscription by paying the renewal fee for the MeeM.one package opted for.
    Subscription Fee for the chosen MeeM.one package:
    You will appreciate that to service your profile lot of time and energy of the MeeM.one is spend in assisting you in searching the profiles as per the partner preference set by you, etc. As such payments made to MeeM.one by way of registration / membership / renewal fee is /are treated as non-refundable. Payment once made cannot be assigned to any person/party or adjusted towards any other product or packages provided by the MeeM.one.
  12. We request you to follow the guidelines for safe matrimony service.
    Suggestions & Complaints: Suggestions and complaints are to be first addressed to MeeM.one customer care/support team at support@meem.one